Whenever I view images, I always seek to be challenged. Work which inspires me has always been work which provokes a discussion within me. If an image can provoke a debate within a wider cultural context, then to me it is a successful one. When developing my own practice, I therefore seek to challenge my audience on this level. It would be foolish of me to assume that we are all visually challenged in the same way though. The presentation of my work has therefore always been an important issue in my project development. Recently I have developed my practice to challenge the typical gallery display. Within my practice, I find it important to comment on issues I feel passionately about. If I am not passionate about the issue I am exploring in my work then for me there is no personal reward. It is the creation of the work and the research behind it that challenges me.

I have always used photography to express myself, my identity and my own opinions of our culture today. Angela Kelly notes ‘writing about oneself is writing about others’ (‘Picturing Ourselves’, 1997), I acknowledge this statements relevance to my photographic practice and my works placement in a broader cultural society. Whether the audience interprets my opinions as relevant to their own does not phase me. My only aim is to create images that I feel may provoke quiet contemplation within the audience on a given subject matter.

I have studied and practiced photography for over 5 years. It is a passion which allows me the freedom to express myself in a medium which can quietly reach others. I graduated university with a First Class honours degree in 2008 and during this time I completed various projects of my own construction which were displayed in various exhibitions. Alongside my education and development as a photographer, I have been commissioned for numerous weddings and commercial projects for businesses in and around Wiltshire.

Please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating with me or wish to enquire about possible commissions.


Leigh Crabtree